January 2018
2018 is here and our children are truly growing. I hope that all of you and your families had a wonderful holiday season and are settling back into your regular routines.

If any of you have friends or family in need of childcare and are interested in the Ark, please encourage them to call us as early in their planning as possible. Cathy or I will be glad to talk with them and show them around the Ark, and if they desire, put their names on our waiting list. Here at the Ark, we want to be able to accommodate as many families as possible when they are in need of childcare, so it helps if they can plan ahead. Many calls we receive are from families who need immediate care and more often than not, we cannot accommodate them. This can be heartbreaking, not only for the family in need, but for us also. We want to serve the community as well as we can.

Thank you to all the families that participated in the Angel Tree by giving gifts to those who may not have had a joyous Christmas without your generosity. Thank you to our Bear families who allowed their children to perform the night of Birthday for Christ. It was a fabulous performance.

January 14—The Reverend Daniel Locke will be installed as pastor of St. Mark’s on January 14, 2018 at 5:00 pm. The Reverend Wally Meyer, Interim Assistant to the Bishop of the Florida-Bahamas Synod, will preside.
January 15th—Martin Luther King Jr., Day St. Mark’s Ark will be closed
January 31st — (on or before) W2 information will go home. You must sign for this information. Additional copies will cost $2 per page.
February 1—Swim safety in house field trip for Bears ($0)
February 13th- Shrove Tuesday breakfast 7a.m.
February 19th—Presidents’ Day, St. Mark’s Ark is closed
March 7th—Vision Screening
March 14th and 15th–Spring pictures
May 4th-Spring Program, the older children will perform


Sign In
Due to DCF regulations, we are required to have you sign in your child. The teacher will write in the time, do a quick health check and sign her initials. You are asked to sign your name after she has documented your child’s arrival. Please don’t forget to help us document your child’s arrival and departure.

Health Check
A general check of your child for scrapes and bumps each day will help us do our job better. It is a great help when you tell us about their little accidents at arrival. This should take 30 sec. at sign in time.

Breakfast is served everyday from 7:15-8:00 am. Please do not bring in a special breakfast (donut, cereal, yogurt, soft drinks etc.) for your child. If you wish for your child to have something other than what is being served, please give it to him at home. It is very difficult to explain to a two year old why his friend is eating a donut and he is eating cheese toast.

Tuition is due on Mondays. It is late on Wednesdays. Late fees will be charged accordingly.

• We can not take temporary bank checks. If you run out of checks, please give us a money order. St. Mark’s Ark now takes credit cards. Please check out the bulletin board or stop by the office for details.

*Please continue sending labeled jackets and hats with your child in the mornings. We ask that you walk your child to the classroom to hang it up. The children are claiming any jacket in the San Marco room after gym time. More and more jackets are going home with the wrong child.

Warm days are followed by cold ones this week, but we would like to continue taking the children outside in the mornings when it is chilly. Your child may insist he or she does not need a jacket, but many times the entire class has to come inside because one or two children are not dressed properly to play outside. You must insist that your child bring a jacket! We ask that you send a full jacket with sleeves, not just the popular fleece vests. Thank you for your cooperation and support of this issue!

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