Noah’s News   

October 2019

Parents rarely get to see our children in Chapel. I hope this is a chance for you to learn more about your child’s day and appreciate how special he/she is. Each Tuesday, the children come in for one of two services.  We always start the service off with “Jesus Loves Me.”  The children request a few songs, Pastor does a story with them and we end with “Go Now in Peace.” 

Following today’s Special service there will be a picnic lunch in the Courtyard. Join us October 15th at 10:30!

Please join us for OPEN HOUSE, Tuesday, October 22nd from 4 to 6 pm. We will have the board members in the San Marco Room for you to meet. Please visit your child’s teacher before you pick him/her up from the gym. This gives the staff the opportunity to speak with all of you without interruption.  This is a wonderful time to come and talk with the staff and get a glimpse of what your child does during the day at the Ark. There will be no individual conferences at this time.  Come join us for an informative and pleasant evening.  See you there!

Dates to remember…

October 5—Blessing of the Animals 5:30p.m.

October 15th—Fall picnic and special Chapel

October 17 –Chess club make up day

October 22nd –Open House 4-6

October 30th    –Let’s Pretend parade

October 30th –Trunk or Treat in the parking lot

October 31–Chess club make up day

February 5 and 6—Spring Pictures


October 30th—Let’s Pretend Day—Costumes are encouraged and welcomed. Please no elaborate (difficult for pottying) costumes, no makeup, and no violent costumes or weapons of any kind.  You will receive more information about your child’s class celebration from his/her teacher. Trick or Treat!



Hold on to your keys. Your child may love walking to the parking lot with your keys, but this practice could be dangerous.  Children are not always steady on their feet and could fall.  In an attempt to break the fall, keys may become impale your child in the hand, mouth or eye.  We had a child lock Mom out of the car in the parking lot.  If this happens, locksmiths will direct you to call the police non-emergency number before they will come out to help.  Keep your keys in your purse or pocket to avoid the stress of an accident.


Fall is here! Please resist the temptation to send your child to the Ark in overalls!

Overalls are very difficult to manage for potty time, especially if your child is in the potty training process. Young children have a difficult time with buckles, snaps and belts.  Please be sensitive to your child’s and the staff’s needs when you dress your child.


Medications—if you bring medication to the Ark for your child, please, remember to take it home with you if you need it during the evening. We don’t want your child to miss a dose.


Parking—Please Park in the parking spaces provided and holds your child’s hand upon entering or exiting from the Ark. Please do not park at the curb in front of the double glass doors, even if it is raining. This is a safety hazard.  It also inconveniences others if you are blocking the entranceway on a rainy day.  Most people don’t like to get wet, but we live in Florida!  So, you see, it is unavoidable!  Thank you for your consideration of others!  Please do not leave your car running or your valuables in the car when you park. It only takes a minute to knock out your window or drive off in your car.


Tuition—Remember that tuition is due on Monday. Wednesday morning late fees are assessed to your account.  Please be on time with your payment to avoid late fees.


Sibling Drop off—Please remember to drop off the oldest child first and pick up the oldest child last. You will have a chance to discuss your younger child’s day without having to keep the older child busy.

Updates to the parent handbook

  • In the event a student leaves the Ark for emergency medical treatment, and/or is scheduled for outpatient surgery, involving localized or general anesthesia or sutures, the student may not return to the Ark on the same day as the treatment. The student may return to the Ark following that day once the parent brings a note from the treating medical or dental provider advising the student is medically cleared to return to preschool.


God’s love,

Patrice Roux-Neal