Noah’s News
August 2019

Staff for the 2019-2020 School Year

Staff members are listed by class and position

Patrice Neal, Director                                          Doves and Lambs (2-12months)

Cathy Kirby, Assistant Director                                                        Ashlyn

Barbara, Staff support                                                                       Doreen

Deborah, Floating Teacher                                                                 Luz

Jill, Floating Teacher                                                                           Maina


Turtles (10-18 months)                                                                        Newdeline

Asher                                                                                                     Susette



Bunnies (18-24 months)                                                   Ducks (Three-year-olds)

Leila                                                                                                        Amber   

Yuly                                                                                                        Yolanda


Monkeys and *Giraffes(Young two-year-olds)         + Polar and Grizzly Bears (Four-year-old Pre-school)

Amy                                                                                       Amanda

Arold                                                                                      Emily

Brooke                                                                                   Linda

Robyn                                                                                     Tiffany                                                                              

 * Potty training class                                         + combination class with VPK



It is that time of year again! The time of year when the smell of a fresh pack of crayons and a newly sharpened pencil can remind you of all of the “first days of school” we have experienced in our lives. It is a time of new beginnings.  For the children of the Ark, they are experiencing new things, too.  Many have new teachers and new classmates.  Many are learning to walk in a line, play in centers, eat at the table, sit in a chair, and sleep on a mat for the first time.  Rest assured we are gently preparing your little ones for future success in school.  It is our privilege and joy to watch your children grow and develop in Christ’s love here at St. Mark’s Ark!

Our school would love to know you better. Each week one family from the Bears and Ducks will be featured on our bulletin board in the San Marco room.  You will be notified a few weeks in advance of your week.  A poster board will be sent home for you and your child to decorate in any way you see fit.  You are also welcome to set up a time with your child’s teacher to share information about your family, job, pets, or hobbies.  An activity is always welcome. This is always a big hit.  The children and teachers love the families’ pictures.

The teachers are bringing children over to their new class to practice. All the children are familiar with our teachers and the moves should be smooth.

St. Mark’s Ark Work Day

Several parents volunteered to pressure wash and fix things around the school. I explained that there are a group of church members who work on upkeep each month and they would love the help.  Join us September 7th for breakfast followed by some work to spruce things up around the school.  If you have special gifts, please email them to


Chess Club

You may enroll your Duck or Bear in Chess club. They will be taught the joys of chess by George Foote each Friday from September through May.  The cost is $135 for the entire year.   Make checks out to St. Mark’s Ark before September 12th.  There is a limit of 20 students in this class.

Dance at St. Mark’s

Parents of Ducks, who are 3 by September 1st, and Bears are invited to enroll their children (boys and girls are welcome) in dance classes here at the Ark. An instructor with Mazza-Smith studios will teach dance classes, on Friday mornings at 9:15a.m.  You must complete your application on line at before your child is considered enrolled!


A few parent reminders to help keep our center running smoothly:

  1. Preschool instruction begins at 9:00 a.m. daily. Please try to bring your child to the Ark by 9:00 a.m. everyday. If your child misses “circle-time” (s) he will miss a vital part of their preschool experience.  Circle-time sets the tone for the day and is also the time when many academic skills are introduced and practiced (colors, numbers, letters, weather, etc.)
  1. Please label all items that are brought to the center with your child’s name (clothes, cups, backpacks, diaper bags, jackets, sleepy-time friends, etc.) Lost and found items are kept in the kitchen and if remain unclaimed, are donated.
  1. Sleepy-time friends (preferably a soft toy or doll) and other comfort items (blankets, pacifiers, etc.) are welcome at the Ark for appropriate age groups. Bears may bring a book to share with their class. Other toys are not permitted at the center. Small plastic toys or matchbox cars are not appropriate sleepy-time friends. If your child brings a toy to school, your child’s teacher will keep the toy in a safe place away from the child during the day, and parents will be asked to make sure their children keep their toys at home in the future.  This helps our staff keep an organized, “harmonious” classroom.
  1. Ark students are to come to school with shoes and socks.  The children play outside, in the sand box, and in the gym.  It is important that socks are on your child to avoid mulch and debris irritating their feet.

Welcome “Back to School” and may God bless all of you and your families during this school year!

Exiting Bear Parents should make sure you have given a two week notice and left a self addressed, stamped envelope in the office. Your 2019 tax statement will be mailed in January 2020.

Dates to remember…

August 4                                             Blessing of the Backpacks 9:30

August 5-9                                          Water Play Week

August 17                                           Tumble $15 (Bears and Ducks)

August 21-22                                      Fall Pictures

August 26-30                                      Water Play Week

September 3                                       First week of VPK

September 7                                       Work Day at STM

October 22                                         Open House

October 30                                         Trunk or Treat

February 5-6                                      Spring pictures

Our Fall Wish List is below. Thank you in advance for donating items to make our job a little easier.

Magic erasers

Reams of white or colored paper

Fat crayons

Plastic Ziploc baggies

Fat pencils


Baby wipes

Clorox wipes

Construction paper

Sentence strips




Jumbo erasers

Dry erase markers and erasers


Smooth Sailing!!