November 2017

St. Mark’s Ark will be decorating the San Marco Room for the Holiday Season. Deborah Peterson gave us beautiful ornaments. For a $5 donation, one could be hung with the name of you or a loved one written on it. The proceeds will be split between the Ark scholarship fund and the Red Cross. You will be helping little ones here and abroad. Buy one or many and make the room dazzle. Order forms are on the bulletin board.

The Birthday for Christ Christmas tree will be up on Sunday, November 26th in Hart Hall. Please take a name from the tree and bring your items to the Birthday for Christ celebration on Wednesday, December 13th at 6:15 in the Nave. This is such a special time for those children who are under protective custody. Your gifts can truly make a difference for them on Christmas morning.

The Bears will be performing the night of the 13th, so save that date on your calendar. That can be a long day for you and your child. To assist you in managing all the moving parts of parenting that day, we will be ordering food for dinner. Be on the lookout for the order forms. Dinner at the Ark will give you time to fellowship with other parents without to hassle of preparing something to eat.

At the Ark we will do our best to keep the focus on the true meaning of the upcoming “holy-days” and will do our best to keep your child’s environment calm and soothing at this hectic time of year.

We ask that you do not send in homemade food for parties and birthdays. Please send in unopened store bought food in its original package. This allows the teachers to monitor what children with allergies eat.

Please send a labeled jacket or sweater with your child to the center for outside play on chilly mornings! It is also the time of year when you should make sure your child has a warm and cold weather change of clothes in his/her cubby.

Fall is here! Please resist the temptation to send your child to the Ark in overalls!
Overalls are very difficult to manage for potty time, especially if your child is in the potty training process. Young children have a difficult time with buckles, snaps and belts. Please be sensitive to your child’s and the staff’s needs when you dress your child.

Please return Ark clothing to the center—if your child was sent home with clothing on from the Ark, please wash and return it as soon as possible. We are not giving your child clothing; we are just loaning it to you! All children who attend the Ark should have a full set of extra clothing (including socks) in his or her cubby at all times.

Many of you will be going out of town during the holiday season. Just a reminder that tuition is due on Mondays and considered late Tuesday after 6:00 p.m. Please pay your tuition in advance if you know you will not be here the following week. Late fees will be charged accordingly. THANKSGIVING PEACE TO ALL OF YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES FROM ALL OF US AT SAINT MARK’S ARK!

Dates to remember…

November 8— Family Promise dinner
December 13—Birthday for Christ, staring the Bears and You!
December 22th and 25th –Ark closed
December 29th and January 1st –Ark closed