March 2018
It will be pretty outside, and the children will be playing in the yard, I can ride with my top down, and the teachers will be blowing bubbles all over the playground. We will all enjoy the warm weather. There is nothing like romping in the grass, digging in the dirt and seeing your neighbors out and about again. This is a great time of year.

I am sending home Early Years. It is a great resource for information on helping your child understand boundaries and self control. We have to have boundaries and self control, even in the spring.

Important dates

March 7th —Vision screening for the Ducks and Bears
March 14th and 15th–Spring pictures
March 24th —Easter Egg hunt 10:30 am
March 30th —Good Friday (Ark closed)
April 1st –Easter
May 4th –Spring Program (Giraffes, Ducks, and Bears perform)
July 23—July 27 —VBS
July 29—VBS Sunday

Please keep your child home when he or she is contagious. This will speed up his or her healing and prevent the spread of disease.


Please make sure your child has a change of clothes in his or her cubby. All Ark children must have a complete change of clothes in his or her cubby (labeled shirt, pants, underwear, and socks) at all times.

Please do not send your child to the Ark wearing sandals without socks. Mulch and sand from the playground gets stuck under your child’s feet when he or she wears sandals and bare toes are in danger of being stepped on, scraped, etc. Thank you for your cooperation—this helps our teachers immensely!

Ask Your Child About:
St. Patrick’s’ Day and the color green—all classes are celebrating the Luck O’ the Irish this month. The Grizzly Bears will be doing some fun things with green foods.

We ask that you remember that the code to the door should only be given to people authorized to pick up your child. When you have your child put in the code or hold the door open for someone you don’t know, you think you are being polite. You are actually saying the code so those who don’t know it can hear it and letting in strangers. It is alright to let the door close and make sure the next person should be here.

Please call or come by the office with questions about any of our policies at any time!
Have a great month!

Ark Spring Program— The Spring program is scheduled for May 4th. There will be a dinner and entertainment provided by the Ark children. A reservation form will be out March 19th and due by the April 20th with payment, to ensure you have a spot.
Please make sure your calendar is marked for Friday May 4th, the date of our Annual Spring Program, Supper and Silent Auction. This is the highlight of the year for the St. Mark’s Ark. The Giraffes, Ducks and Bears will be sharing their musical talents with you and your families. The children are practicing in music classes every week to bring you a spectacular program under the direction of our wonderful Ms. Ginger, Ms. Jane and Ms. Punkie! Although the children’s performance will be the feature of the evening, a delicious supper will be served and fabulous goods and services will be auctioned to benefit the Ark. All proceeds from the dinner and auction will go toward the St. Mark’s Ark scholarship fund, new equipment and curriculum purchases. There is limited space and reservations are needed and placement is on a first come first serve basis.

Gift certificate donations will be accepted through April 20th. So, if you have a business or frequent a business that may donate to this worthy cause, please contact the Ark. We also need people to donate their time and talents. Lots of leg work is needed to put the evening together. Please call the office at 346-0404 if you can help set up tables, break down tables, help in the kitchen, serve food, or clean up.

Don’t miss this fun filled night!

Patrice Roux-Neal