Noah’s News
June 2019

Water Play starts this month. Watch for our calendar to see what days your child’s class may be doing water play.  Please remember to bring a dry change of clothes, a towel, and water play shoes each of the days your child is participating in water play.  Sun screen should be applied to the child before arriving at The Ark.

Summer brings rain and lots of mosquitoes. If you wish your child to have bug repellant applied, please apply this before bringing them to the Ark.

St. Mark’s Ark has an App. Please download for important messages and information.


Dates to remember this summer…


June 10-14                                          Water Play Week

July 8-12                                             Water Play Week

July 17                                                Movie Night

July 23                                                Grizzly Bear Graduation $10

July 24                                                Movie Night

July 31                                                Movie Night

August 5-9                                          Water Play Week

August 26-30                          Water Play Week


Sandals!  Please send your child to the Ark wearing the appropriate footwear.  A soft-soled closed shoe is preferred.  Your child may wear sandals with socks.  Little feet get stepped on and accidents can happen very easily to bare toes.  Mulch and sand get into the toes of sandals, and that is very uncomfortable to a child.  Sandals and crocks are cute, but sneakers are safer.  Flip flops should not be worn to school.  These are not safe for little feet.

Please check your child’s cubby each day for clothing that is soiled. We should have a clean change of clothing in each cubby. Make sure it is weather appropriate.  We do not need long sleeve shirts and long pants in the summer. If your child has worn “Ark” clothing home, please wash and return it to the classroom so that we can use it as needed.

Smooth Sailing!!