“A Christmas Prayer”

Be with us at the holidays,
and guide us Lord, we pray—
through crowded stores at busy malls
please help us find our way.

When Christmas trees
won’t stand up straight,
please keep us calm and steady,
and help us not get too “wrapped up”
in getting presents ready.

Deliver us from all the fuss
of too much cookie baking,
and give us time for savoring
sweet memories in the making.

In all we do, may we keep Christ
in Christmastime somehow—
and may we know a little of
Your “peace on earth” right now!
— Unknown

My wish for all of you during this Advent and Christmas season is that you may be given the gift of time. Time for yourself (all parents need time to themselves to remember who they are—not just Mommy or Daddy!), and time for you and your child just to enjoy each other’s company. You don’t have to buy them anything or take them anywhere—just read to your child, take a walk with your child to look at Christmas lights. Talk to your child and really listen to her (or him). Only you can give the gift of time to yourself and your child. You have to give yourself permission to take time for yourself, and you have to really make time for you and your child to connect. These are the things they will remember. Not the Mega-Morphing-Power-Transformer or the Glamour Barbie Zookeeper doll you spent $40.00 on!



Santa visits the Ark—December 10th
Wednesday, December 13h—Birthday for Christ celebration, 6:30 p.m. EVERYONE IS INVITED!—
December 19th –My Gym is coming to St. Mark’s. Participating classes will have a release form.
December 21st – Frosty the Snowman movie and lunch (children can come in their Christmas pajamas)
December 24th and 25th —ARK CLOSED FOR CHRISTMAS.
December 28th- December 31st and January 1st —ARK CLOSED FOR NEW YEAR’S
Please check your child’s class calendar for individual class party dates.
Wednesday, December 12th at 6:30p.m. is St. Mark’s annual birthday for Christ celebration. We sing Christmas Carols and take gifts to the alter for families on the angel tree. The Bears perform. You can also order dinner for that night to make the logistics of the evening easier.
There will be a showing of Frosty the Snowman for the Bunnies through the Bears on December 21st. You will be able to have lunch with your child at 11:30 that day as well. Bring a bag lunch for you or you and your child (regular lunch will still be served). Your child can wear pajamas that day as long as he or she has on proper footwear. This is a great way to start off one of the most exciting times of a child’s life.

Don’t’ forget during holiday weeks (Christmas and New Year’s) tuition is due Monday morning of those weeks!
If you will be out of town, please pay your tuition in advance. Late fees will be charged!

As cold and flu season is now upon us, a reminder of our sick policy from the Parent Handbook:
A child must be kept home when he/she has had a fever within the last 24 hours, vomiting, diarrhea, wheezing, constant coughing, yellow or green nasal discharge or symptoms of a communicable disease.

Parents will be notified when children become ill at the center. Children must be picked up immediately (within one hour).

Sick children who are sent home from the center may return after 24 hours if symptoms have not returned. Children sent home with a rash or something that could be contagious must have a doctor’s note upon return stating the child is not contagious.

A child must be well enough to participate in indoor and outdoor activities to attend the center.

Parents are to notify the Director immediately if a child has been diagnosed with a communicable disease (e.g. chickenpox, RSV, pinkeye, etc.)