MAY 2018
Spring Program Re-cap

Thank you to all of you who came to hear and see your child perform, eat dinner and bid on all of the fabulous auction items! Also, many thanks to Mrs. Jane, Mrs. Punkie, and Mrs. Ginger, our music and French teachers, for the wonderful job they did teaching the children to love music and perform for you! Thanks to the board members of the Ark and the auction committee who worked very hard to plan and organize this big event. Finally, thanks to all of our staff for all of the hard work they put in to ensure the event ran smoothly! Our auction raised money for scholarships and equipment purchases that will benefit all the children at the Ark!

June 11-15 Water Play Week
June 27 Reading Day
July 17 Grizzly Bear Graduation $10
July 9-13 Water Play Week
July 23-27 VBS
July 29 VBS Sunday
August 6-10 Water Play Week

Class Pictures are for sale in the office. They are $10 each. Proceeds benefit our scholarship fund.

If your child comes home with “Ark” clothing because of accidents, please wash and return as soon as possible. Our extra clothes seem to be disappearing fast!

As summer storm season approaches, I would just like to say a word about emergency procedures here at the Ark. The office is equipped with a weather radio, which goes off whenever a storm watch or warning is issued by the National Weather Service anywhere in our area (including all of Duval, St. Johns, and Clay counties). Anytime there is a warning issued for Duval County, Cathy and I immediately turn on the TV in the office. If we ever feel a storm is too close for comfort, we would immediately move the children to the gym area and if a real emergency arose, the children would be moved to the hallway connecting the gym to the church and if necessary into the church basement (yes, St. Mark’s has a basement!). Although we hope we never have to use these procedures, we do have a system in place. On a stormy day, it is important for us to keep our phone lines open. We understand your concern for your child’s safety, and it is also our utmost concern. If Cathy or I are able to answer the phone to speak with you and ease your mind we will be glad to do so, but please do not continuously call us on a stormy day. We must be free to make sure all classrooms are taken care of and we must have access to a phone line at all times. I will send out a push notification update as soon as I am able. Thank you for understanding and cooperating for the good of all of the children in our care.

Children are a gift from the Lord—Psalm 127:4

Summer is right around the corner! Summer fun will begin soon. The children will be enjoying water play days and many other fun filled activities all summer long. A two week written notice that your child will be leaving is required. Without a two week notice, you will be charged the full two weeks’ tuition. Please also leave us with a self addressed, stamped envelope for next year’s tax statement. You are not required to let us know when you go on vacation, but it is helpful. We don’t want to worry about a child that is just off having fun. Thank you for helping us plan a fun summer for your child!